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Fact Sheets: Conserve Water, Maintain Landscape
Water conservation tips and study results in Northern Water’s Landscaping & Watering Fact Sheets can help you conserve water, reduce irrigation costs and maintain your landscape. The information in the fact sheets is based on several years of planting, maintaining and studying dozens of drought tolerant grasses and plants. The fact sheets contain study results as well as practical guidelines for the professional landscaper and homeowner on choosing, planting and maintaining drought-tolerant grasses and plants.
 Drought-Tolerant Kentucky Bluegrass in Northeastern Colorado
 Benefits of Watering Less Often
 How do Native Warm-Season Grasses Conserve Water in Spring?
 Myth or Fact: Tall Fescue Requires Less Water Than Kentucky Bluegrass
Going Brown in the Summer
What is Evapotranspiration and Why Do We Talk About It So Much

Water Conservation Studies
Northern Water conducts studies on irrigation technology, lawn water conservation and Xeriscape plants. Most of these occur in the Conservation Gardens. Below are study summaries.

Mapping Turf Evapotranspiration with High-Resolution Multispectral Aerial Imagery
-Mary Hattendorf and Mark Crookston, Northern Water
Multispectral imagery with visible, near-infrared, and thermal wavebands was used to spatially estimate evapotranspiration (ET) in Berthoud, CO. The METRIC (Mapping Evapotranspiration at high Resolutions with Internal Calibration) energy balance model was used to estimate turf evapotranspiration from aerial multispectral imagery collected in 2011. The METRIC model was developed using Landsat satellite imagery but is adaptable to other satellite imagery with similar wavebands available. The METRIC model was also recently adapted for aerial imagery with limited reflective bands and a thermal band.

Smart Irrigation Technology
Learn about smart irrigation controllers and how they can save water.
Turf Grass Water Conservation Studies
See turf grass plots in the Conservation Gardens, including different grass mixes, a line source irrigation demonstration, lysimeters and soil preparation techniques.

Grass Water Stress and ET Monitoring Using Ground- and Airborne-based Remote Sensing
This was a pilot study conducted by Dr. Jose L. Chavez and Dr. Saleh Taghvaeian for Northern Water. The purpose of this study was to monitor grass ET and water stress with ground based measurements and airborne remote sensing imagery. Remotely sensed data and the Crop Water Stress Index algorithm quantified the variation in turfgrass water use caused by grass species and cultivar differences, as well as by irrigation amounts.


Annual Conservation Gardens Fair 

The fair features Conservation Gardens tours, how-to seminars and demonstrations of irrigation technologies, vendors selling plants and gardening supplies, and kids’ activities. 

Annual Fall Field Day

Northern Water’s Fall Field Day is held in the late summer every year for landscape contractors and municipal water conservation specialists  at Northern Water’s headquarters in Berthoud. The 2018 Fall Field Day is set for Sept. 14. Learn more here.  


G3 Watershed Wise Landscape Professional training taking place Oct. 18-19

Learn more here

Irrigation Association Classes
Northern Water offers training classes and exams through the Irrigation Association. For details check this or the Irrigation Association website.

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The Conservation Gardens at Northern Water are open daily during daylight hours. Call or e-mail to schedule a guided tour. 

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