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 Weather & Evapotranspiration Data

Select at least one weather station and at least one weather category in steps 1 and 2 below. Select a time interval and click Refresh Data in step 3 to view results in the step 4 panel.
To change selections and produce new results, repeat steps 1-3 and click Refresh Data.

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  New Features on This Page
New features have been added to this page to make it easier to access and download weather data:
  • Favorites allow you save your weather stations and weather categories.
  • New tabs in Step 3 allow you to quickly choose your desired time intervals.
To produce and download a report of your entire query on one page, select an Export To: option at the bottom of this page. This will create an MS Word or MS Excel report.

Receive Data Alerts via Text, e-mail
Sign up for and manage e-mail and text message data alerts. Data alert notifications for weather and ET data will be sent to your cell phone or e-mail account.


Favorites remember your Weather Stations and Weather Categories selections, and can be saved using the "Save as Favorite…" button in Step 3.
Up to 5 favorites can be stored.  Click on a favorite to run it.

(No favorites saved.)

Step 1: Select Weather Stations

Select one or more weather stations from the list or map, then click Step 2.

101 Fort Collins East
102 Loveland
103 Longmont South
104 Eaton
105 Gilcrest
106 Wiggins
107 Brush
108 Sterling
109 Crook
110 Ovid
111 Johnson's Corner
220 Berthoud
222 Fort Morgan
224 Greeley West
225 Fort Lupton
226 Longmont West
228 Fort Collins Central
230 Boulder South West
233 Boulder North West
350 Windy Gap
352 Shadow Mountain

Step 2: Select Weather Categories

Weather categories are grouped by their measurement type. Select one or more weather categories, then click Step 3.
(Please note: the graph display is limited to two weather category types.)

Relative Humidity
Vapor Pressure
PrecipitationClick for station information
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Solar Radiation

Step 3: Adjust Time Interval (optional)

Select a Time Interval, Start Date and End Date, then click Refresh Data. View results in Step 4.

Start Date
End Date
Start Date
End Date
Start Week
End Week
Start Month
End Month
Start Quarter
End Quarter
Start Year
End Year

Step 4: View Results

To view results, choose selections from Steps 1 to 3 above.